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4 Reasons SharePoint Online is The Future for Many Organizations

sharepoint-onlineAs the business world picks up its speed even more, collaboration has become key to successful team management. In recent years, businesses have taken notice, and have began investing in collaboration solutions for their company. However, from what we’ve seen, much of this is disconnected company-wide, where say the Dev team is using X collaboration solution and the BI team is using Y solution, and so on. This disconnect will end up creating not only difficulties between cross-team collaboration, but also a world in which BI value is difficult to extract.

The bottom line is that business collaboration has become so important that IT teams need to take a stance and take control over which solutions their teams are using. And although sometimes it makes sense for specific teams to use different solutions, optimizing collaboration on the same solution for at least most teams will make the world of difference, especially if they’re in the cloud. Check out these 4 reasons Office 365 SharePoint Online is the future for many organizations.

oneGoing Mobile is Now a Necessity

Your employees are more mobile than ever, picking up their mobile devices 150 times per day to perform more and more work-related functions, and to better serve them IT teams need to meet this mobility criteria. By combining cloud based office systems and tools, your organization can increase the productivity of employees no matter where they are in the world while providing the business-level security your IT department demands.

twoEmails are Just Too Long

Email is essential for office communication, but it’s no longer the only means for message delivery within an organization. In the workplace, email is being supplemented with other methods of digital communication, from instant messenger applications to enterprise social networks. The reasons, the workforce is younger and these digital natives don’t share the love for email that earlier generations do. Also, tl;dr (“too long; didn’t read) is a thing, which means human attention is now the true scarce commodity. Plus, collaboration is important, and missing an email isn’t that difficult to do. So with the speed of digital collaboration, shifting focus away from email is critical!

threeEnterprise Visibility is More Important Than Ever Before

As a business decision maker, you may feel that you don’t have enough information about the effectiveness and compliance of your organization’s core business processes. You might need to make decisions and manage risk without having the full information at your fingertips. Did you know that SharePoint Online and SharePoint Business Critical can be used to provide visibility across the entire enterprise? SharePoint Business Critical capabilities help you surface critical data, achieve greater mobility, and break down barriers so you can increase productivity and your ROI. With SharePoint Online, you’ll have the ability to make data-driven decisions with confidence, manage risk and compliance across SharePoint and Exchange, and boost your ROI.

fourThe Numbers Say So

When Microsoft drops the on-premise version of SharePoint after its next release in either 2015 or 2016, there won’t be as many complaints as you think. More than 50% of current SharePoint on-premise users said that they would stick with SharePoint and move to the cloud, although a telling 14% said that they would dump it. A further 30% said they would stick with it and limit its role. Now with a year or two’s time to decrease the main concern (security), these numbers should move in further advantage of SharePoint Online.

If your company isn’t currently using a collaboration solution, or your collaboration solution is on-premise, it may be time to start thinking about an cloud solution like SharePoint Online. So when you start thinking about it, talk to an expert like Strategic SaaS. We’ve helped hundreds of companies with their Office 365 migrations, and offer a free one-on-one consultation as well as a free cost-comparison model for your IT department. Request your consultation here, and we will be in touch with you shortly!



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