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An Overview of a SharePoint Online Deployment for IT Experts

sharepoint-onlineSharePoint Online is cloud-based and helps businesses share, communicate, and collaborate with customers, colleagues, and partners. After choosing a SharePoint migration, you are given the ability to access internal sites, documents, and any other information necessary from any place at anytime – a luxury that has become the norm throughout this decade.

But before an IT expert dives into building and configuring their business’ SharePoint environment, he/she should look at the bigger picture of things and really think about his/her goals of SharePoint. How will he/she be managing sites and users and what customizations will be necessary.

So let’s breathe and take a step back to take into consideration your goals and your individual organization. The following 3 steps will allow any organization to customize their SharePoint Online deployment as needed, but are also necessary during deployment.

oneFirst, you should setup your Office 365 SharePoint Online environment. As an IT expert I’m sure you will have a lot of involvement throughout this step which should be completed by whoever will take the Admin role for Office 365 and/or SharePoint. In the SharePoint Admin Center, you will have the ability to manage site collections and global settings. You will also be able to manage permissions and users for security purposes.

Check out this overview of important details you should consider.

twoNext, you should plan sites and manage users. Your SharePoint Online environment probably includes several site collections with many sites underneath it, so you may want to delegate the management of each site or site collection to different people in your organization, depending on the content of each site. As SharePoint Admin, you will have the ability to assign permissions to different roles known as the site collection administrator, site owner, etc.

This article will guide you through key tasks during this step!

threeLastly, you will need to organize site content and plan content features. If you’ve designated site collections to specific individuals, it may be necessary for each of them to handle this task separately, but you also want to be sure to maintain consistency (so guidelines may be necessary). Give outlines for content planning; you may also need to define content types.

Send this post over to anyone in charge of content; it’ll definitely come in handy!

Your Office 365 SharePoint Deployment doesn’t stop here, but this is a good start for anyone who just chose a SharePoint Online migration. You will also need to customize sites with solutions and applications as well as use your public website to connect with customers!

The truth is, working with an experienced Microsoft Cloud Partner during your deployment really is the way to go. Strategic SaaS offers an Office 365 SharePoint consulting deployment and migration service to help manage your organization’s project that ultimately will bring to your organization a better way to collaborate together. Contact us today to learn more!



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