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Why Consolidating with OneDrive Storage is a Smart Business Strategy

OneDrive Storage | A Smart Business Strategy

With the unrelenting growth of organization files, email, databases, and application data storage, virtualization has become an important component of enterprise storage architectures. Storage virtualization offers higher utilization, lower capital costs, easier provisioning, extreme scalability, and added storage capacity on less expensive storage media.

onedrive-storageBecause storage virtualization is a powerful business strategy, more and more companies are implementing these models into their storage architectures. And OneDrive storage is one of the many options your organization has to choose from. The cool thing now, unlimited storage is completely free for all Office 365 users. So if you have those licenses, now is the time to take advantage of consolidation in your organization.

But first you want to set a list of clear goals your organization hopes to meet with storage consolidation. Below are just a few of the goals you may wish to meet in your organization, and certainly goals that will impress your executives if you’re needing to convince them that OneDrive storage consolidation will be beneficial for your organization.

  1. Maintain data control, integrity, and performance. When organizations allow their users to basically store data as they please, many problems can arise. From unauthorized access be obtained to lack of accountability from the end user, the challenges are never ending. With storage consolidation, administrators will have the ability to proper track and monitor document handling in a way that won’t compromise your organization’s security.
  2. Increase storage utilization and data access. When done right, consolidation will not only reduce the number of systems and increase storage utilization – sometimes to 80% or more – but it can take some time-consuming work off the shoulders of storage administrators. In addition, access to data on the go in becoming more important every day, and OneDrive storage gives your users secure access anywhere, at anytime.
  3. Provide a central platform for speed and effectiveness. When consolidating with OneDrive, your organization will experience faster and more effective replication and backup of system images and enterprise data. And if you make it a point to have document storage requirements set up in your organization, you will ensure access to necessary data is always available.
  4. Expand capacity to meet rapidly increasing storage requirements. Whether we’re talking about business growth or additional security requirements, storage consolidation will become more important as your organization continues to expand. And data structure should be a priority in your business at it grows!

After you’ve set your organizational goals for storage consolidation, you’ll need to plan for your migration to OneDrive. And you know what they say, nothing great ever comes easy, and that’s true with storage consolidation as well. Achieving all the benefits of storage consolidation is easier said than done.

Storage consolidation is above all a planning issue that requires the storage administrator to determine three things:

  • What data needs to be migrated, where the data is going and how it is going to get there
  • What you are going to do with the empty array(s) from which data was migrated
  • How you are going to manage the more tightly packed array and prepare for growth

So unless you have an experienced member of your team that has performed this task before, it may seem a bit daunting! And that’s why many company’s look to outsource this type of organizational change. Your organization may want to as well!

Thinking about OneDrive storage? At Strategic SaaS, we can support your migration to OneDrive from Google Drive or your local servers and help backup and distribute your content, allowing you to share content throughout your organization in a much easier way. We handle each batch of data with the greatest of care, from each individual file to each packet, ensuring that none of your data will be lost or damaged and guaranteeing a transfer that is both risk and error free. Check out our full list oftransformation services, including Office 365 migrations, or contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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