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Office 365 Email Migration | 4 Lessons from the Experts

emailmigrateUsing on-premise or otherwise outdated email servers can put a burden on your organization with lower productivity levels and higher costs. Although cloud-based email servers can save money in the long run by reducing initial investment and marginal costs, it is easy to fall prey to the assumption that it will be a smooth, seamless transition from on-premise to cloud-based servers without putting in the heavy work by yourself or using email migration services like Office 365 Email Migration.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of your IT predecessors, it is best to take into account these four Office 365 email migration lessons from the experts.

Clean Up

In order to minimize errors and speed up the migration process, it is best to first not only let your users know that the Office 365 Email Migration is occurring, but also get them to each scrub their emails and contact lists to ensure that you are not spending time migrating unnecessary data and that each and every contact is valid and relevant. This cleanup will serve to not only save time but also prevent deliverability issues, frustrated consumers, and migration migraines.

Choosing the Best Office 365 Email Migration Service Option

If there was one overarching tip for a successful email migration it would be to plan, plan, plan. Planning ahead to determine the most appropriate migration tactic for your company is crucial and with the right Office 365 partner, choosing between these three options has never been so easy. Check out the 3 email migration options below!

  • Hybrid Email Migration: which creates user accounts and copies to Office 365, while simultaneously providing opportunities for reverse migration because of the shared documents.
  • Staged Email Migration: which works by migrating the mailboxes in stages.
  • Cut-over Email Migration: which migrates the mailboxes, global mail contacts, and distribution groups all in one fell swoop.

Get the Help You Need

Even if your team is fully capable in terms of all things technological, an email migration can be complex and it helps to have a Microsoft partner company who is both experienced and eager to step in and help during the transitional period. After all, there is no sense having someone on your IT team  learn the ins and outs a an email migration when ideally they will only be completing the task once! Leave it to the experts that perform these migration every day!


Companies like to believe that once they have made the transition from their old platform to the new that the project has been completed and the work is now over. However, it is not enough to simply migrate all of your data from your existing email platforms to Office 365; you must continuously keep up with compliance laws, prevent deliverability issues, and optimize lists to increase productivity and financial agility.

If your organization is thinking about Office 365 Email Migration, consider an Office 365 partner who will provide a tailored strategy specific to your company’s needs and will help make the transition as smooth as possible.



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