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4 Reasons Why Hospitality Firms Choose An Office 365 Deployment

office-365-deploymentThe hospitality management industry is part of the service industry—an industry that brings in more money and creates more jobs than any other. But because hospitality management firms have control over many different companies and brands and are consistently acquiring new customers, keeping communication healthy can be difficult. Many hotels have their own set of business solutions before they choose a hospitality management firm after they’ve grown, and even if they didn’t, if the hospitality management firm doesn’t have a set of standardized business solutions to use, the hotels will have to look elsewhere.

At Strategic SaaS, we work in the hospitality industry frequently, and have learned quite a bit about why hospitality firms choose an Office 365 deployment when their goal is standardization, which is why we have custom hospitality IT consulting services. Below are 4 major reasons hospitality management firms choose Office 365, and we hear these repeatedly!

oneCommunication Consistency

When a hospitality management firm begins to experience the lack of efficiency in communication across different clients, this is when they begin their research for a standardized business solution. At this point there are a few options for these firms – such as Google Apps or an Office 365 deployment. However, because it is more common to see Exchange used for hotel communication, many hospitality firms already begin leaning towards an Office 365 deployment. For example, Office 365 Lync uses Outlook Calendaring to generate meeting invitations with customized templates and scheduling, plus the option for on-spot meeting request. Consistency across the board is why Office 365 was built in the first place, so this is covered!

twoApplication Familiarity

Not unlike many organizations, hotel staff have used Office applications – such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – since what seems like the beginning of time. Because this application familiarity directly affects efficiency in a positive way, most hospitality management firms see this as an opportunity for a smooth Office 365 deployment, considering there won’t be as much training involved. In addition, the cloud offering is a bonus as a regular complaint for many as lack of on-the-go access for the on-premise Office suite tends to put a damper on communication. The bottom line – comparatively, Office 365 offers a seamless integration from the standpoints of both user experience and technology!

threeAdvanced Technology

Because hospitality management firms tend to work with newer hotels, technology expectations are frequently a bit higher than average. Many of these hotels pride themselves upon advanced technology and amenities, so advanced staff communication is a must-have as well. And when completing an Office 365 review, most highlight that Office 365 not only includes advanced Office applications with the latest features, but also the most advanced enterprise-grade communication capabilities and compliance features out there! In addition, advanced Administration tools allow for exceptionally integrated synchronization.

fourBest Up-Time Guarantee

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, an Office 365 deployment gives a hospitality management firm the peace of mind knowing that your services are available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement. Reliability in the service is critical in order to keep clients satisfied. Plus, access to 24/7 technical support by a global network of experts allows for any problems to be resolved fairly quickly!

But these hospitality management firms aren’t the only ones choosing an Office 365 migration. Check out one of our recent eBooks and resources to learn why hospitality organiztions are choosin Office 365!



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