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Microsoft Partner | Strategic SaaS As Certified Microsoft Experience Center

Well-experienced Microsoft Partner, Strateigc SaaS, announces that Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Frank Johnson-Suglia, has passed the required training and certification to be qualified to deliver Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) to interested organizations in the Austin area.


The Microsoft Experience Center is a customized, hands-on introduction to Windows 8.1 and the new Office that gives business decision makers the opportunity to experience these powerful new productivity solutions for themselves. Unlike a usual Office 365 review or demo of Windows 8.1, A MEC is a true-to-life user experience that takes business decision makers through common work-related scenarios, such a being productive while mobile or connecting in real time with coworkers and customers. Live a “day in the life” of a Microsoft-powered business through a series of facilitated, everyday scenarios, and learn how to effectively manage calendars, triage email, and access, edit, and share documents from anywhere with any device, and learn some of the new features of Windows 8.1.

Led by Microsoft Partner, Strategic SaaS’s trained and certified facilitator in Austin, Texas, MEC will give you a first-hand look at the fast and streamlined experience of Windows 8.1 and the exciting features of the new Office.

If you would like to schedule a MEC exclusively for your business; contact us today and we will schedule at your convenience!

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