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Email Migration Service | 4 Common Email Migration Mistakes

emailmigrationUsing an outdated email server can definitely lower productivity levels and make communication within a business difficult. An email migration service can help to streamline your business by improving collaboration and communication and increasing overall efficiency. Before you take on a migration on your own, however, you need to be aware of these 4 common email migration mistakes in order to avoid potential problems.

Interrupted End User Use

One of the biggest risks to end user productivity is the time an email migration service can take. If you are inexperienced, migrations may take longer than usual and will prevent your end users from accessing their emails, which will decrease efficiency.

Data Loss

Making sure every user is migrated to the cloud is a big responsibility. Making sure every employee’s personal data is also transferred is an even bigger task. Leaving important information behind during a migration is a commonly made mistake when using an email migration service. Trying to retrieve lost data can eat up company time and resources.

Choosing the Wrong Email Migration Service Option

There are a few migration options available for you to choose from:

  • A hybrid email migration creates user accounts and copies content to Office 365, while providing opportunities for shared documents and reverse migrations.
  • A staged email migration, as the name suggests, works by migrating mailboxes within an organization in different phases.
  • Unlike a staged migration, a cut-over business email migration will migrate all mailboxes, global mail contacts, and distribution groups at one time.

Choosing the wrong email migration service option could cause many problems for your company. It is crucial that you know exactly what you need and to research your options beforehand to ensure a risk free migration.

Lack of End User Training

It is important that your users know how to use the new email server after a migration. Lack of end user adoption can be a huge problem if employees are not comfortable using the new software. There are many End User Training solutions available to you, and fully utilizing these services will keep your business operating smoothly.

An email migration will enable end users to access a wider variety of Microsoft solutions, while increasing productivity levels and cutting costs. To ensure an easy, risk free migration, it is smart to choose an Office 365 partner that can take the burden off your shoulders!

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