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6 Situations Where You Would Benefit from Cloud Consulting

cloud-consulting-1With increased savings, more device accessibility, improved flexibility, and even environmental friendliness to boot, cloud computing has seen a surge in recent years for those reasons and more. By reducing the need for capital infrastructure and thereby hacking away at capital expenditure costs, cloud-based applications such as Office 365 have allowed companies to downsize in terms of hardware and software licenses, among other things. While cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes a whole host of reasons to make the switch, the migration itself can be very challenging. To make the transition easier, cloud consultants extend their services to help all sorts of organizations from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

Cloud Consulting Can Make The Difference

Regardless of your information technology proficiency, there are times when getting outside help for IT projects like these can make the difference between a successful migration and a failed deployment. To achieve the former, cloud consulting provides organizations with the proper know-how and tools they need to succeed. Without further ado, here are six scenarios where it would be helpful to utilize cloud consulting.

No IT Department in Sight

For smaller businesses, it’s often hard to set aside money with an already tight budget for an in-house IT staff. In order to fill the void of IT assistance, many SMBs either fully outsource withmanaged IT services or hire for complicated projects such as cloud migrations. With a cloud consultant managing the migration, your organization can continue meeting business objectives and work on other daily tasks.

Busy IT Team

Even for those more affluent organizations that can afford a fully staffed IT department, it never hurts to get outside help. Instead of pushing a cloud migration on the IT employees who most likely have other projects and deadlines to worry about, a cloud consultant can plan for and manage the entire migration.

Too Much Downtime

For businesses looking to get ahead of the curve or simply stay afloat in their respective industry, there is nothing more detrimental to the health of an organization than downtime. Needing constant access to email and other communication tools, documents, and important data, businesses can’t afford to go dark for any period of time. With cloud consulting, your consultant can help create a detailed plan with you to discuss your options and figure out the best way for you to operate while under virtual construction.

Slow Deployment

One of the benefits of cloud computing over on-premise solutions is a faster deployment with a few months to even a few years in difference. But if you don’t have help with your migration from the experts, your organization can easily face the same fate of on-premise users. Having a cloud consultant decreases the projected time till deployment because they are able to plan accordingly, set reasonable deadlines, and handle issues that arise during the migration.

Fear of Risk

As the proverb goes, with great risk, comes great reward. But wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable, or at least less stressful, to reduce the risk without a corresponding reduction in reward? With cloud consulting, your organization can migrate to the cloud without the usual worry involved. By backing up data and offering a selection of migration methods, cloud consultants take the worry out of the equation and replace it with concern over what really matters, the business.

Little Cloud Experience

You may be quite familiar with cloud-based applications and websites, but that’s from a consumer perspective. Working from an enterprise angle with all things cloud is more demanding of your time and technological prowess. One of the best assets a cloud consultant offers is experience. They have dealt with a number of different cloud ecosystems, organizations, and industries, so taking on a new client only gets easier with each cloud migration.

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