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4 Cloud-Based Productivity Solutions Business Execs Fall in Love With

productivityAs technology changes the world, our businesses have to react quickly to stay on top. But, as the benefits of technology quickly change, many amazing cloud-based productivity solutions for our businesses that increase efficiency and effectiveness of our time have been introduced to the world. So we compiled a list of executives’ most essential and favorite cloud-based productivity solutions to share with everyone.


This is our favorite program, and it will quickly become yours too! SharePoint is the a very robust platform because of its versatility as a platform to share programs and documents to all or specific employees at work. This back-end system allows your company to let employees have access to a multitude of programs for their work at the touch of a button. With everything consolidated in one place, there’s less time wasted on searching, buying, and sharing programs for your company.  Using SharePoint decreases miscommunication and disconnection between employees and increases the sharing of information between personnel.

Skype for Business

While you may be acquainted with Skype for your personal uses, Skype for Business takes your remote meetings to a whole new productivity level. With a limitless maximum capacity of users, Skype for Business offers a greater variety and more reliable options than any other competitive option. Being part of the Office 365 suite, means the integration of this program with all other office programs is superb, leading to faster, more reliable, sharing of PowerPoints, Excel charts, and Word documents and allows easy editing while partaking in a video meeting. Execs love this because there’s less traveling for meetings while getting the same face to face interaction as an in-person meeting! Collaboration is made simple and meetings are more accessible than ever!


Execs have been raving about Azure because managing, building, and running applications has never been easier. While out of the many cloud-based productivity solutions, not all your departments may use this program, Azure is still cross-functional for many departments to utilize the use of app management and building. Azure allows users to collaborate to create apps to make your business more productive. Using business intelligence, your company no longer has to fumble through multiple solutions and programs to optimize business practices! With a little time and Azure consulting, your team can create time-saving applications!

Exchange Online

With almost your entire business running on the cloud, having a reliable and organized email platform acceccible anywhere on the go is necessary. Office 365 Exchange Online can be assessed anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. In fact, quite a few of our employees prefer using Exchange Online over it’s desktop version. And we all know, today, email is more critical than ever, and it’s something we’re constantly using for business communications!

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